Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello, this is The Khan

Hey, this is my first blog, you can call me The Khan and if you know me, you can call me what you call me.  This is my first time blogging and some people told me its a good way to get things out there, I'm just interested in getting them off my chest and sharing them with anyone who cares.  Most people don't but thats alright, this way anyone who does can come along and see for themselves instead of me forcing stuff into conversations.

Anyways, like I said, I feel like putting thoughts down about different stuff in my life from my hobbies to my beliefs.  I thought of using facebook but the status messages aren't meant for that abuse I think and I didn't feel like keeping up constantly with a twitter account; I don't have the time for that or the money for a data plan.  Obsessive ability is there but thats the problem I don't want to face.  This I hope will let me sit down and think over clearly what I'm thinking and also make me work on my organizational writing skills.  So here's a few things I can go on about.

I watch and read a good amount of manga or at least I've gotten back into it; I got into from Toonami for anyone who remembers that.  I lost cable for a while and when I got it back, I was shocked to find it was cancelled and so I just watch it elsewhere now which is fine because Toonami had a limited audience to cater to and limits on what they could show anyways.  It would take away from the feel of a lot of shows and also be disappointing that some really good shows couldn't be shown.  So when I do read a new manga or watch a new anime, new to me anyways, I'll probably have something to say, especially if the characters really tick me off.  Its not to say they're bad or the show is but being the outside observer, one can't help point out appalling stupidities even if it is just fiction.

I'm an Ahmadi Muslim and if you don't know what that is, the short summary is in "About Me" and the longer description can be found here:  The main site is as follows:  I'll write about different subjects relating to the Ahmadiyya Movement and Islam and issues relating to them universally and in the group and so on from time to time.

Ever since I got Netflix, I've been watching movies more or less regularly.  With my reawakened anime fervor though, its been halted a bit.  Nevertheless, I do watch movies relatively often, especially when they come in the mail.  I usually don't have anything elaborate to say about movies besides "its good" or "its ok" and I'm usually a really lenient critic in terms of criticizing movies but if its really good or really bad, I'll have a lot to write for it.  This is another reason I'm writing a blog now because I used to put down stuff about the movies I saw and people were confused by my trend or something.

I really love books, fiction and non-fiction.  I am definitely for happy endings though I usually forgive a bad ending if its a war story.  I'm also not afraid to read a romance novel though they're usually few in number in my books to read.  I'm a big fan of Star Wars Expanded Universe novels or all novels on Star Wars.  They're not always the best piece of literature and if the reviews are bad enough or the story doesn't capture me well enough, I don't go for it but I'm a pretty big Star Wars fan so I give a lot of them the benefit of the doubt.  Other books that capture my interests include books on history, war, science, and religion but mostly the ones of my own faith because reading and writing is so important to the Ahmadiyya Community.  Like films, I'm not especially good with reviews but if something really gets me, I'll go on about it.

This is where I always get stuck in writing anything, the ending, so I'm just going to let it anti-climax here...